Milkrun is the first of a series of runs that starts out as an “easy” beginners run.

Setting: You walk into the Purple Dino. A slum bar on the edge of the Redmond Barrens. There is loud music blaring, an orc dancer up on stage, and a lot of go-gangers, runners, and more hanging out and doing buisness.

You walk up to the bar and order a synthale from the bartender. The bartender is a HUGE troll with purple hair and a toothy grin. You know him as “Barney”, a former runner who got the big hit and was able to retire and open this bar.

Barney gives you the ale, and points you in the direction of a table. Sitting at the table is a lone dwarf. His cyber eyes glowing faintly in the dark of the bar.

You approch the table, and the dwarf glances your way. “You must be the runner that Barney was telling me about. Have a seat and we’ll discuss the job at hand.”

“The job at hand is an easy one chummers, a milkrun,” Mr.Johnson was saying, “In and out with the goods. The only thing about it is it is a security test for a minor corp, so non leathel wepons only.”

“Your job is to go in, take an item from a safe on the third floor, and return it to me. If you are successful, the corp will hire a new security firm. If you fail, they will let you go and pay you the remainder of the sum we agreed to.”

If you agree he hands you a small device. “It is a locater for the item you need to retrieve. It lights up here,” points to a light, “when you are within 20m.”

“Any questions?”

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.